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Hats off to QIMR Central

Red Hat Society Ladies Taking a Tour of QIMR

We’re proud of QIMR’s new building and we’re keen to show you inside.

QIMR Central is a 15-storey facility with cutting edge facilities for scientists working on cancer, infectious diseases, mental health and other complex disorders.

It was made possible by a generous gift from The Atlantic Philanthropies, established by Chuck Feeney, and by funding from the State and Federal governments. It means QIMR will have room for 1000 scientists in the next five years and that means more research into the conditions that may affect you and your family.

QIMR Central connects our existing research facilities: the Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre and the Bancroft Centre, which is being refitted to meet our expanding scientific needs.

The Red Hat Society (Stafford branch) recently took up the opportunity to take a look around the facilities.  You can arrange a private tour for your community group, or join one of QIMR’s monthly public tours, held on the last Tuesday of each month. Our next public tours are Tuesday 29 January and Tuesday 26 February. Don’t forget to book!


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