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Supporter Survey results

We wish to thank everyone for taking part in our 2012 Annual Supporter Survey. These questionnaires prove to be of tremendous help as we strive to increase support for medical research in Queensland.

You Told Us - the reasons you support QIMR

Most encouraging is how enthusiastic our supporters are about the fact that some of the best medical research in the world is happening right here in Queensland.

We have analysed the many responses that have come in, and it is already clear that donors fully appreciate that serious diseases can only be beaten by high quality and highly focused research.

What’s more, QIMR’s determination to get the results of our research out of the laboratory and into clinical settings where they can save lives is something that really matters.

It’s great to know that our key concerns and priorities are so widely shared by those whose funds make so much of what we do possible. Because the reality is, great advances in medicine only occur when enough like-minded people work together.

Even the most brilliant scientist with the best ideas is powerless to save lives without the funds to develop and test their advances. That’s why supporters matter so much to us, and why we are so grateful to those who took part in our 2012 survey.


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