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Academy honour for QIMR Director

The Director of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Professor Frank Gannon, has become a Fellow of the Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The QAAS confirmed his membership this week, in recognition of his role in developing policy and “sharing, applying and promoting” science.

Professor Gannon said it was an honour.

“The Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences works hard to promote science, and the arts, and the diverse ways in which they interact,” Professor Gannon said.

“This is important recognition of how important science is to the everyday lives of Queenslanders.

“QIMR scientists work hard every day to make a real difference to people’s lives, by delivering research with consequences.”

Professor Gannon is also an elected member of Academia Europea, the Royal Irish Academy, and the Mexican Academy of Medicine.

The Queensland Academy of Arts and Sciences (QAAS) was founded in 2000 to foster and promote activities, research and innovative practices that cross the arts and sciences within Queensland. It is the only Academy of its kind in Australia.

Professor Gannon will be awarded his Fellowship certificate at a QAAS ceremony in the near future.


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